Hello, Traveler. Sit on down, and I’ll pour you a flaggon of ale and tell you a tale. The story of a brave and powerful witch who, despite the odds, overcame her struggles with grace and persistence. A lady who never let the world defeat her. This, my dear friend, is the story of Charlotte.

My name is Charlotte Alma Perkins, but that is not the name I was given when I arrived on this earthly realm. Unfortunately, I was given the name Craig…as well as the annoyance that is male anatomy. Seriously, a penis and tentacles are horribly designed. Regardless, I knew from a young age that I was not like other boys. It took me until I was twenty to realize that I’m actually a girl. Surprise, Mom and Dad! Yeah…no, they were not surprised. They were also quite angry at first. Why do people get so angry when you come out of the closet? Like…it doesn’t affect them at all. If anything, I made myself a target.

Eventually, though, my family started to accept me for who I am. Now I just need to convince my Dad to use the name I have chosen. I am a huge fan of fantasy and science fiction, but I’ll read contemporary if it is very queer. I love anything with superheroes, time traveling people in blue boxes, or space wizards with laser swords. I also really love Dungeons & Dragons and Critical Role. Vox Machina fan for life. I review Young Adult books mostly. My goal is to inspire kids to read. You can usually find me with a book. I also collect Funko Pops, comics, and plushies. LGBTQ+ rights are important to me, as I am transgender and a lesbian. So I hope to post my thoughts on news I hear about our community.

And if you need a safe person to come out to, you can contact me. I won’t say a word to anyone. My spiritual beliefs are a long story. I consider myself Christo-Pagan, meaning I practice a blend of Christianity and Paganism. I worship Yahweh (God), Yeshua (Jesus), Asherah, Apollo, and Artemis. You can see a lot of my altar on my Instagram. Another fact about is that my friends and family are my world. But no one matters more than my doggy, Watson. We’ve been together for nearly ten years, and he always cuddles when I’m having a depressive episode or an anxiety attack.

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