Review: The Book of Boba Fett

I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I grew up on the franchise, and it has inspired a majority of my life. I always dreamed of being a Force-user. Notice I didn’t say Jedi. I’d definitely be a Sith. I’m evil at heart. I admit it. I loved the prequels, the sequels, and the shows. The Mandolorian showed us that Star Wars is more than Jedi and Sith. It gave a stage for the side characters of the franchise to become something more. And the Book of Boba Fett took that to the next freaking level. First of all, I enjoyed seeing that Boba had a redemption arc. But really, did you have to kill the damn Tuskans? That was hateful. Secondly, we actually got to see a lot of things from legends made canon. Like Black Krrsantan from legends becoming a canon badass. And how about that arm rip? That was actually a call back to something Han told C-3PO in the originals. There were a lot of Easter eggs and clever little nods. We got to see a deeper look at the criminal underground of the galaxy. Especially on Tatooine. I loved seeing Boba go from a killer to hero. And how about that moment where he rides in on a damn rancor? That was so epic. I was screaming excitedly. But the best part for me was seeing Mando and Grogu again. I missed them so much. They definitely did Luke’s CGI better this time around. And we got to see Grogu progress in his power. But when faced with the choice of his Mandolorian chainmail or Yoda’s lightsaber, he chose his adopted dad. Which led to the ultimate moment of Grogu putting a rampaging rancor to sleep. If you say that this show or finale was terrible, I’m gonna revoke your fan card. This show was made for the true original fans of the franchise. And I look forward to what Star Wars has in store for us next. Which is the Obi-Wan Kenobi show.

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