“Don’t Say Gay Bill” Advance in Florida Legislature

Just as we saw strides being made for LGBTQ+ rights here in America, we are shoved thirty steps back. Florida Republicans have introduced a bill that prohibits teachers from discussing or teaching sexuality and genders. The future of LGBTQ+ kids in the south is at stake. What do I mean by that? The south in America is still not an accepting place for those of us in the Alphabet Mafia. Sure, there are a few small areas of acceptance, but on the whole, the south hates us. Here, where I live in North Carolina, people are harshly judged for their sexualities and gender identities. I was ran out of a church and received death threats when I came out as trans. I lost friends and people I considered family. For many LGBTQ+ kids, they have no one to turn to or ask questions about why they feel different from others. A lot of these kids can’t just go home and ask Mom and Dad what sexuality and gender identity is because their parents are harshly against anything that isn’t cis and straight. So taking away the rights of teachers to make their classrooms a safe space is not only ignorant, it is the cruelest thing you can do to these kids. I was blessed to have a few very loving teachers that made me feel seen and accepted. The thought that kids might never get that terrifies me. Do you ever realize how high the suicide rate is in our community? It isn’t because we’re “sinful” or “unclean” as they call it. It’s because we feel hated and alone in many communities outside our own. This bill endangers lives. Kids that need guidance and answers will feel alone and terrified. Many will end up in terrible situations if not guided and loved. See, the right thinks that they’re making America pure for God. They believe that they are doing His work with bills like this. I am christo-pagan. This means that I have a blend of Christianity and Paganism in my spiritual practices. I also have a degree from Liberty University in Christian Ministry. Let me say this for those foolish Republicans way in the back. JESUS CHRIST WOULD HATE EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE DOING. YOU GO AGAINST EVERYTHING JESUS TAUGHT AND STOOD FOR. YOU ARE GOING TO FACE HIM ONE DAY AND HEAR, “DEPART FROM ME, FOR I NEVER KNEW YOU.” JESUS’ LIGHT IS A MESSAGE OF LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE NO MATTER WHAT. BUT YOU TURNED IT INTO A SWORD. HE IS ASHAMED OF YOU. We are lucky that we had many activists come before us that paved the way for our freedoms. I got to see gay marriage legalized in my lifetime. But that is at stake. You think the right will stop there? Nope. They will take everything they possibly can from us. Why are we not protesting and asking our liberal representatives to help us fight this cruelty? My prayers are with the kids in Florida. My heart breaks for them. If you are in Florida and need to talk to someone, I am here. My contact information is on this website. Message me or email me any time. This is a safe space. But if you want to fight this, take a page out of LGBTQ+ history. Don’t let them just take your rights. Tell the world why this is wrong. My heart is with you all.