Review: Critical Role Vox Machina Origins

If you love Dungeons & Dragons, chances are you know what Critical Role is because you’ve watched every episode. For those that don’t know, Critical Role is a group fo anime, cartoon, movie, and video game voice actors who play D&D and live stream it on Twitch and post the videos on YouTube. Check out the incredible Critical Role channel.
In this book, we get the first and second Origins series in one. And they’re every bit as funny as the campaign is. There are laughs, deadly battles, which monsters, magic, betrayal, etc. Plus, the art work is phenomenal. The perfect read for all Vox Machina fans. Don’t forget to watch the show, The Legend of Vox Machina on Amazon Prime!!!

Rating: 5 Paws

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Review: The Temperature of Me and You by Brian Zepka

Thank you Disney Books for sending us this free copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

Super powers. Bad guys. Mystery. Gay romance. Those are the reasons why you need this book.
Have you ever met anyone extremely hot? No. I mean literally  hot. Like temperature wise. Imagine meeting someone cute that you discover has a deadly super power and is on the run from a greedy corporation. What if you fell in love with this person? What if you woke up with signs that maybe you have this power now too?
This book is such a fun read. It had me hooked. It’s perfect if you love comic books or superheroes. Check this book out today!!!

Raitng: 4 Paws

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Where The Drowned Girls Go by Seann McGuire

Holy. Freaking. Crap. This book was good. First of all, the prose in these short books is phenomenal. @seananmcguire is an excellent writer and story teller.
What I love is that she really got into the mind of what bigger girls feel like inside. The main character is plus size, and she looks back on all the bullying and hatred that lead her to attempting suicide. But after a journey to a magical world and coming back to our world, she found a home with people like her. Kids who’d been on journeys to other worlds. After a quest of dangerous proportions, some very evil entities are calling for her to join them. The only way to silence them us to leave her safe haven. But what will her new home be like?
In this book, the character must come to terms with who she is and the possibilities she contains. Truly beautiful writing. A phenomenal addition to the Wayward Children series.
Rating: 4 Paws
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